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Can I refuse to pay tariff?

Customs Duty Payment Instructions

Cosplayshow's products do not include customs duties, nor will we ever charge you any additional fees.If you are asked to pay additional fees upon delivery, please verify the details with the delivery personnel.Generally, these fees may arise during the customs clearance process.

When such charges are required, the actual expenses are borne by the recipient of the package. Local customs may randomly inspect some packages and, based on the import tariff regulations set by the local authorities, determine whether duties need to be paid or if the items are exempt. They may levy varying tariffs on the recipient. In accordance with the laws and regulations of the destination country, import duties, value-added tax (VAT), customs clearance fees, and postage may be levied.

If you receive a notice to pay taxes, please settle the taxes promptly. Failure to pay the taxes may result in the package being seized by customs or returned to the sender. You will be personally responsible for any losses incurred due to customs seizure.

If you have purchased customs duty insurance from Cosplayshow, please contact customer service immediately after signing for the package with a copy of the customs invoice to apply for compensation (Note: Due to varying customs requirements in different countries, we only cover the customs duty portion). If you have not purchased customs duty insurance, you are responsible for all taxes, as our prices do not include them.

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