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Bleach Kuchiki Rukia Soul Reaper Uniform Halloween Cosplay Costume

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  • Source: Bleach Cosplay
  • Character: Kuchiki Rukia
  • Components: Top , Sash , Pants
  • Fabric: Uniform Cloth
  • Anime&Manga Type: Shounen
  • Weight: 1.10kg

If you ever wanted to cosplay an anime warrior heroine, here's your chance. This Japanese kimono-inspired costume is worn by soul reaper Kuchiki Rukia on Team Bleach, which comes complete with kimono wrap, underpants, sash and socks. All the accessories and the costumes are the same with the outfit of kimono-inspired. The generous cut and design of the costume and belted sash make getting the perfect fit for your body simple. It will enrich your cosplay trip and makes you become the spotlight among cosplay fans.



Height(bare feet) Bust Waist Hip
Female XXS 58¼-59¾ 30-30¾ 22½-23¼ 33¼-33¾
Female XS 60¼-61¾ 31¼-32 23½-24½ 34¼-35¼
Female S 62¼-63¾ 32¼-33¼ 24¾-25½ 35½-36¼
Female M 64¼-65¾ 33½-34¼ 26-26¾ 36½-37½
Female L 66¼-67¾ 34¾-35½ 27¼-28 37¾-38½
Female XL 68¼-69¾ 35¾-36½ 28¼-29¼ 39-39¾
Female XXL 70¼-71¾ 37¼-37¾ 29½-30¼ 40¼-41
Female 3XL 72¼-73½ 38¼-39 30¾-31½ 41¼-42¼
Height(bare feet) Bust Waist Hip
Female XXS 148-152 76-78 57-59 84-86
Female XS 153-157 79-81 60-62 87-89
Female S 158-162 82-84 63-65 90-92
Female M 163-167 85-87 66-68 93-95
Female L 168-172 88-90 69-71 96-98
Female XL 173-177 91-93 72-74 99-101
Female XXL 178-182 94-96 75-77 102-104
Female 3XL 183-187 97-99 78-80 105-107

Height(bare feet) Bust Waist Hip
Male XXS 60¼-61¾ 33¼-33¾ 28¼-29¼ 33½-34¼
Male XS 62¼-63¾ 34¼-35¼ 29½-30¼ 34¾-35½
Male S 64¼-65¾ 35½-36¼ 30¾-31½ 35¾-36½
Male M 66¼-67¾ 36½-37½ 32-32¾ 37¼-37¾
Male L 68¼-69¾ 37¾-38½ 33¼-33¾ 38¼-39
Male XL 70¼-71¾ 39-39¾ 34¼-35¼ 39¼-40¼
Male XXL 72¼-73½ 40¼-41 35½-36¼ 40½-41¼
Male 3XL 74¼-75½ 41¼-42¼ 36½-37½ 41¾-42½
Height(bare feet) Bust Waist Hip
Male XXS 153-157 84-86 72-74 85-87
Male XS 158-162 87-89 75-77 88-90
Male S 163-167 90-92 78-80 91-93
Male M 168-172 93-95 81-83 94-96
Male L 173-177 96-98 84-86 97-99
Male XL 178-182 99-101 87-89 100-102
Male XXL 183-187 102-104 90-92 103-105
Male 3XL 188-192 105-107 93-95 106-108

Height(bare feet) Bust Waist Hip
Kid S 43¼-51¼ 21¾-25¼ 19¾-22¼ 23½-28¼
Kid L 51¼-59¼ 25½-29½ 22½-24½ 28¾-32¾
Height(bare feet) Bust Waist Hip
Kid S 110-130 55-64 50-56 60-72
Kid L 130-150 65-75 57-62 73-83

1. This is not your bra size
2. Wear a bra
3. Relax arms at sides
4. Pull tape across the fullest part of the bust

1. Find the natural waist
2. This is the smallest part of the waist
3. Usually about 1 in. above belly button
4. Keep tape slightly loose to allow for breathing room

1. Find the widest part of the hips
2. Usually about 7 in. below natural waist
3. Tape should brush across both hipbones

1. Measure in bare feet.
2. Begin at the top of head and pull tape straight down to the floor(your standard height measurement).

Quality Description







1.We lucubrated the  original hand drawing platemaking in order to use suitable material to show the quality of original works. They will wear comfortably.

2.Delicate and solid tailoring

3.Due to the professional designer as our fashion design producer, clothes are much closer to the  original design.


Service Description

  1. Package: A well-designed box for the item guarantees the safety of storage,shipping and delivery.
  2. Storehouse:To ensure the update rate and ordered supplies, the professional logistics center scientifically manage every piece of item.
  3. Customer Service: The fully-fledged and large customer service center will solve every requirement with their patience, make sure you shopping happily and rest assured.
  4. Delivery: We use famous united international express companies to make sure you can receive your goods quickly and safely. 

Customer Reviews

  • ByWilliamsDanielle

    RATING: 4.5 Stars (Shows as 4 because I couldn't get 4.5 Stars to activate) REVIEW OF PRODUCT: Overall, I am very satisfied with the product. Included in the set is the top robe part, the pants, the belt, and socks. I bought an X-Large (I am 108 cm chest, 98 cm hips, and about 5 ft. 1 in. tall). The pants, to my surprise, were really, really large. However, it didn't make the costume look less accurate, it just made it more difficult to walk around in. The pants zipped and fastened in the back (I ended up taking a couple of inches off the waistline; piece of cake). The top was perfect. Rather than velcro fastens, the top used strings which were sewn onto the top. I took these strings off right away, since they had a tendency to show. The belt was fine. The socks, to be blunt, were crap. The socks were super-long (shin-high) and were slick (non-cotton looking). I bought shoes which came with socks off of ebay, and those socks were cotton (yay!). REVIEW OF MILANOO: This is my second purchase through Milanoo, and overall, I have been fairly pleased. Yes, their costumes aren't perfectly sized or of the highest quality, but they tend to be more affordable (especially on clearance items). The products do take a while to ship (allow a few weeks), and they do smell a little bit, but that is easy to fix. All of their items have been machine washable and dryable so far, which makes them very easy to clean. I would definitely order from Milanoo again! I have a picture below. I didn't tie the belt correctly (it should be a square knot tied in the front). Also, since then, I have taken a few inches in from the waistline. This would change the length of the pants, which are fairly long in the image.

    Was this review helpful to you? (5)(0)

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  • Bychibikinesis

    For the price it's not bad at all. Better made than I had thought it would be, but the shirt's definitely a bit on the large side.

    Was this review helpful to you? (18)(3)

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  • ByRaven

    The socks are really silky and wayyy too long. Also the shirt went almost all the way down to the bottom of the pants, other wise great quality.

    Was this review helpful to you? (13)(3)

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