Customer Reviews: Soul Eater Maka Albarn Cosplay Costume


Source: Soul Eater Cosplay Character: Maka Albarn Components: Vest, Tie, Shirt, Overskirt, Overcoat, Gloves
Fabric: Polyester Anime&Manga Type: Fantasy
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  • ByMakeruCosplay

    ¡Genial el cosplay! Muy satisfecha con el resultado. El cosplay no se parece al de la imagen, es más, es muchísimo mejor. Muy recomendado, económico y buen envío. Muchísimas gracias :)


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  • ByAlice

    ho ordinato una S essendo magra, ma la camicia è piccola.I bottoni non sono esattamente come nel cartone animato difatti hanno su uno strano disegnino, ma poco importa :). sono soddisfatta è stupendo e appena è arrivato il corriere saltellavo dalla gioia. IN UNA PAROLa PERFETTO! :)


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  • ByCamila Madsen

    Isn't there a button on white piece of the sleeve on the jacket?

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  • ByYumi Goto

    I sugust you sell it as just the jacket, because Im not about to buy it all when all I need is the jacket~ Im not the only one that thinks so, And If you did you would sell more~

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  • Bycierra

    I'm 12 years old and this year i want to be maka.My mom said I might not be able to :( so that makes me sad.On the day I was sappose to go to the state fair I got a really bad nose bleed and I was rushed to the emergancy room.I was coughing up blood and everything.Lter on that day I found out i had a blood disorder.It bummed me out i couldnt go to the fair at all and i wanted to so bad :( and now all kinds of bad things have been happening to me I Keep on haveing to get my blood taken and studied.I've also been geeting sick lately.And this year i want to be maka for halloween.But my mom says we might not to be able to afford it.I'll be really sad if i cant get it :( I hope I will though.If not i will be really sad. If any one has any comments for me please do not send me an email mine dosent work.

    Dear cierra,
    Thanks so much for your support and I'm so sorry for the bad things happend to you.Please do not worry, everything will be fine,there is a chance for you to get the item for free ,I highly recommend this contest for you by the link,you may get the costume for free if you  become a champion,how about visit the page now ?thanks ~

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  • ByChristina

    I-i'm sorry but this is my new favorite website...~sob~ I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!! *is in otaku heaven*

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