Price: 53.99
Source: Kingdom Hearts Cosplay
Character: Kairi
Material: Faux Leather
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  • 知****弘
  • K****i
    I was going to purchase the shoes until I discovered all I had to do was get black shoelaces for my Converse pink shoes. I feel good knowing that, because I bleached my shoes, I already had Kairi shoes. I will purchase the other cosplay wig and costume, though, brcause they re high quality and not expensive! I can not wait, so excited!
  • L****y
    These boots are really cute. My daughter was thrilled to see them. She got very excited and couldn't wait to show them off to all her at school. They are all big fans of this anime cartoon. They are actually more comfortable than any of us anticipated. The sole especially, is thick and very comfortable to walk with. But the fact that the actual shoes in the cartoon is big and weird and also a bit uncomfortable influence how these cosplay shoes are made and hence, the cosplay shoes are also big in the front and are weird. Well, my daughter likes them so I'll ignore it. IT made a good gift to her so I have you to thank for. Good going.
  • H****n
    This shoes is so cute. It matches one of my costumes very much. One of my friends has ordered one ever before and he told me that the feeling was comfortable so I will buy one here.
  • J****y
    The costume arrived yesterday and my daughter is absolutely thrilled with how it looks. She sasys it looks exactly like the charater's pictures. She couldn't wait to put it on and show it to her friends who are also into cos-playing.
  • v****s
    The boot looks so great on her, it really did complement her dressing .I have no choice than to walk up to her and inquire from her where she got the boot from. She was so proud to tell me the site to get mine and I never hesitated to go straight and check as she had directed me to do. I logged on to the site and I saw different boots, so I choose the kingdom hearts kairi imitated boots. It is very lovely on me too.
  • D****l
    Cosplay imitated leather boots? Does this have good quality? Will it look same as I am watching here? These were the doubts i was having before buying it. Now it has clarified all of them. The best cosplay boots I ever had. These are good and canvas like but the quality is the best one. Its been provided with soft cloth inside the boots. That is the good comfort with these boots.

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