Preis: 17,87
Ursprung: Final Fantasy Cosplay
Figurenname: Serah
Stoff: PU, Polyester, Baumwolle, Chiffon
Bestandteile: Oberteil, Hemd, Mini Kleid, Accessoires des Ärmels
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  • f****i
    Love this costume,for Halloween party!
  • d****e
    On est très content de notre commande merci
  • C****y
    If you are tall, or curvy, get a custom size. I am 5'8, slim but curvy in the hips, and ordered a XXL based on height and waist, and the skirt just barely covers my bottom. It's a really, really tiny skirt, and the shirt is short, so many of you may benefit from sizing it custom. Rating 3 stars because the XXL should have fit my measurements. I'll start doing custom from this point on.
  • K****l
    Genau wie abgebildet, passt gut; der Rock kann etwas eng sein. Es ist komfortabel und für einen guten Preis.
  • A****l
    I am very new to cosplaying and conventions and I wanted to try out cosplaying for fun, a lot of my friends were in to it and being an anime/gaming freak I thought it would be a great thing try out. A very close friend of mine wanted to do a character pairing for Final Fantasy 13 or 13-2 and we were looking at pairings and he said he really liked Snow. I said I really liked Serah and I decided to become his pairing for the cosplay and the convention. I didn't know where to get the cosplay and a friend of mine who uses Milanoo a lot for his cosplaying needs, mainly wigs but had bought a cosplay before from here and was very impressed with it gave me the link to this. I was very happy with the look of the cosplay so I bought it, I was expecting it to arrive just before the convention as I had left it very last minute but it came in a couple of weeks early which made me very happy. When I went to the convention, everyone really liked my cosplay and I loved the feel and quality of it, it was soo comfortable. Even my friend who was cosplaying as Snow loved it, we got some great pictures together and did a few skits. Thank you Milanoo for getting me started into the world of cosplay.
  • R****s
    I couldn't have asked for a better quality in Cosplay. This is only my second year in going to a Convention and I wanted to make an effort with my cosplaying as I never have done it properly before... I have always enjoyed the idea of becoming a character from either an anime or a game and Final Fantasy 13 has always been one of my favourite games, I really wanted a Lightning Farron cosplay, but I thought about waiting for next year, as I am now in a cosplay group and a friend is going as Lightning, no one had chosen Serah and I like her, so I decided that I would cosplay as her. I ordered it on a Thursday, then got it on the Monday, I was soo surprised of how fast it came in, considering I left everything for my Convention last minute. At first I thought it was a wig I ordered from somewhere else, but then when I opened it and saw the skirt, I jumped up and down, waking up everyone in the house. I instantly ran upstairs to try it on and it fit beautifully, a little tight around the bust, but after a few tweaks, it fit perfectly. The quality of the clothes was better than I had anticipated and I felt good wearing it. I ran around to my friend's house instantly to show her and we jumped up and down like crazy children who had just been told we were going to Disney World. I was now ready for my second convention. The Convention is the first week of september and I know that I will be a very happy camper to know that Milanoo gave me a great cosplay. I will definitely look here first the next time I want a cosplay or anything else to do with clothes. Thank you Milanoo ^.^
  • M****a
    Das Kostüm habe ich mir genauso vorgestellt. Es passt wie angegossen.
  • s****n
    C'est le 3eme cosplay que je commande sur votre site et sur le point qualité, rien à dire. Le seul bémol serais peut-être qu'il n'y est pas les chaussures et grandes chaussettes vendues avec les vêtements. Cordialement, Serah-chan
  • A****e
    I do not have the words to say how much I absolutely adore this cosplay. Simply taking it out of the packaging was a truly life-changing experience for me. The quality of the fabric, the lace, everything is truly incredible, I have never in my life seen anything this well-made. The armband is so purely white, and so easy to slip on, yet it will stay where you put it forever, as though being fastened by some magnetic force. The black lace on the bottom of the skirt is positively divine in its softness. I'm not ashamed to say that I wept for joy when I first felt it. The print is so crisp and so perfectly arranged that the pattern must have been designed by God himself. And the shirt - oh, the shirt. It is so ludicrously beautiful that I feel guilty wearing it. I don't want to sully its perfection with my sweat and dirty, smelly body, so I've had a mannequin constructed to wear it. I carry this mannequin around during all of my daily activities, I love this shirt so much that I cannot bear to be parted from it. I even bring it to the bathroom, so I can gaze lovingly upon its heartbreaking beauty while I can unload the results of last night's extra-spicy pork super burrito. In fact, this reminds me of a story about an experience I had with the shirt. While I was on my way to pick up groceries a few weeks ago, I swung by the bank to take out some money when I found that it was in the middle of an armed robbery. Three thugs were threatening a baby with assault rifles while their devilish kingpin and his right-hand man took hundreds of thousands of dollars in money earned by good, honest, patriotic Americans. Fearing for the baby's life, I dashed between the thugs and the stroller, clutching the mannequin that wears my beloved Final Fantasy XIII Serah Cosplay Costume shirt. As soon as the thugs laid eyes upon this shirt, it was as though a holy light had shone from above and let them see the error of their ways. They immediately threw away their weapons, pleading for forgiveness and declaring that their lives of sin were over, and they would all become monks and dedicate themselves to a life helping the poor, the sick, the helpless, and the downtrodden. They assisted the police in arresting their former bosses, and turned themselves in immediately. However, after listening to their uplifting tale of hope and virtue, the police declared them free to go and begin their new lives as men of God. Thank you, Milanoo, for creating this infinitely wonderful Final Fantasy XIII Serah Cosplay Costume. Without you, lives would certainly have been lost that day, but with your help, three men now act to help all those who are abandoned by society. Thank you for bringing the joy and light back into my life, and for giving me something that helps me to recognize the wonder in every bright, new day. Where would we be without you, Milanoo?
  • r****4
    First of all i just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service! I was surprised when fedex got here and i opened my package to find an amazing outfit. I knew it was gonna be nice but i had no idea it was going to be that nice, it also fit like a glove. I have since recieving my order made at least 3 more orders and there will be a lot more in the future!!! Thank you again for your lovely products, and your hard work :)
  • R****g
    does it come with the stockings because the headline says it does .It comes with a pink mini skirt, a white shirt, a sleeveless coat, and a pair of stockings and matches with shoes! thats wat headline with costume description said
  • c****3
    is the shoes included :oo
  • Y****a
    Le bracelet de bras plus le bandage est-il compris dans le cosplay?
  • F****y
    Why do you say you include the stocking in the info, but i read this...youre saying that its not included? You should probably fix that...

    Liebe F****y,
    thank you for you suggestion, we will fix that soon

  • s****n
    why have you put that it includes stockings when it doesn't? makes me weary about purchasing

    Liebe s****n,
    We are in the business of “made to order" which means that we are supposed to make the product after you pay

  • S****a
    Sind Schuhe und Leggings (hohe Socken) im Cosplay enthalten?

    Liebe S****a,
    Bonjour, les chaussures et les jambières ne sont pas dans le cosplay. Cordialement!

  • K****e
    Do you know where I can purchase the necklace she wears?
  • s****
    is shipping free?
  • み****ぃ
    やっと昨日届きました。 袖なし上着に穴が開いてました…。 あと、シャツの下の部分が凄く透けます>< 腕につける白い布は きつめなので買う方は気を付けてくださいね。
  • k****e
    I received this item yesterday. It is nice with good quality.I like it so much.thx

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